If the vertical height of the rollercoaster below is 315 feet, find d to the nearest foot. A. 448 C. 475 feet D. 492 12. Kurt is flying his airplane over a campground. He spots a small fire below at an angle of depression of 320. If the horizontal distance from Kurt's plane to the fire is 3600 feet, find the approximate altitude of his plane. 15. At what time(s) is this coaster’s height 50 feet? Clearly explain how you found your answer. H = 50 is reached at about t = 4.8 sec. and t = 7.1 sec. Diane wants to find out when the coaster dips below the ground. 16. Identify all the zeros of h(t) = -2t3 + 23t2 – 59t + 24. Clearly interpret the real-world meaning of these zeros.

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